About SETX Home Inspections

Hi, my name is Jason Cooley, and I am the Texas Real Estate Commission certified Professional Home Inspector and Owner of SETX Home Inspections. We are a Christian family that believes in faith, family, friendship, and honor. We are located in the heart of Southeast Texas and we understand the region and the unique properties that are found within it.

We are small town America. I was born and raised in Louisiana to a log cutter and a housewife. We were neither dirt poor, nor were we considered middle class. But money was hard to come by, and every dollar was earned by the sweat of our backs and spent wisely. We understand the dreams and aspirations of home ownership and the importance of a dollar to our families. When you make what is possibly the most significant investment of your life in your home, you want to be assured it is safe, and won’t pose any health hazards to your family, nor do you want it to become a money pit.

I started this business because I have a lot of knowledge to share, and enjoy educating others about safe and efficient home purchases and ownership. I also believe in strong business ethics, and morality to conduct business to a higher standard. I held several jobs in my younger years as a home builder, remodeler, painter, and carpenter. I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly on those homes. I learned a lot, and I learned that if you don’t know what you’re looking at, you can get taken for a ride that you often can’t afford.

I thoroughly enjoy looking at homes and properties and advancing my knowledge and sharing with others. While I can’t forecast future events, and I don’t have X-ray vision to see inside the walls, I do know the signs to look for when inspecting for defects and issues. There are usually multiple tell-tale symptoms to look for on things like roof leaks, foundation settlement, and the structural safety of a home. I want to provide you with the knowledge of the accessibility, operability, and safety of the components in your home purchase or sale, so that you can make educated decisions on your next move. I will do my best to be your representative at all times and work with your best interest in mind. I don’t work for realtors or mortgage companies; I work with you- the father, the mother, the parent, the first-time home owner, the retiree, the new business owner, and the investor, in mind.

Give us a call today and let us earn your business. We not only want you as a customer, but also as a friend with long lasting ties from trust and integrity in our business commitment to you.

During a typical inspection, we will review the installation, accessibility, and operability of all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components, the grading and drainage around the home, performance and evaluation of the foundation, roofing system, and all other structural components and overall safety and security of the systems that make up your new home.

We will test and inspect HVAC and heating systems to ensure they are operating safely and properly, and inform you of any accessibilty issues. We will inspect the roof coverage and the roof system by entering the attic if it is accessible. If the home is on pier and beam, or has some type of crawlspace beneath it, we will enter and inspect if it is safe to do so with proper clearance and if it is easily accessible. We will review the electrical service entry to the home and meter box and service panels. If there is an on-site propane storage tank, we will perform a visual evaluation of the tank and inspect it for leaks using a combustible gas monitor. We will visually inspect the well system and the plumbing components that are visible if a well is on the property. We will review each room proper branch circuitry and fixture condition.

Choose SETX Home Inspections and have an inspector on site who is knowledgeable of proper building methods, materials, and is able to review the quality of workmanship with best interest and safety in mind. Call us for a free estimate and more details about what we do and the services we offer.

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