Services Overview

SETX Home Inspections offers home and commercial inspections, radon testing, water quality testing and structural safety inspections.

Phase Inspections:

When your home is being built, why not have a qualified inspector monitor it during the major phases of construction? Your home would be visited three separate times in all. Photo documentation with a custom report will be provided for the first two phases; Foundation Forming and Dry in. and lastly a full TREC inspection report issued when it is Substantially complete.

The first inspection would be to evaluate the forming of the foundation, underground utilities, and proper use of materials that, once concrete is poured, you don’t know what is under there. A good photo record would be provided as to the location of drain pipes, water supply piping/tubing, and other underground utilities.

The second visit would be when the home is framed, has a roof structure, and the utilities have been roughed in but no finishes have been applied. This is called the Dry-in phase. This is most often when major structural items and utility systems layout can be brought to your attention to address them before it goes too far and it becomes too expensive to repair it later. Items like overhead clearance on stairs, locations of lights and fixtures, proper receptacle location, combustible material clearance from fireplaces and furnaces, duct work support, use of proper fasteners, proper framing techniques and minimum clearances, and access to attic spaces and accessibility to hidden systems such as water heaters and HVAC systems.

The last visit comes when the home has been completed to a point where, if necessary, you could move in and use the home for its intended purpose; this is usually when the drywall has been hung and mudded, cabinets and flooring have been installed, appliances and fixtures are operational, utilities are on, and the home is mostly finished.

At this point, a full inspection of the home will be done and a written home inspection report as governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission will be provided to the client. During this inspection, we will review the final installation, accessibility, and operability of all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components, Grading and drainage around the home, and overall safety and security of the systems that make up your new home.

Have an inspector on site who is knowledgeable of proper building methods, materials, and is able to review the quality of workmanship with your best interest and safety in mind. Call Today!